US dey respect African people well-well - Trump

US President Donald Trump dey carry finger point Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Tori comot say President Donald Trump call African countries "shit-hole", but im deny am

President Donald Trump don write to African leaders wey gather for African Union summit, say di US get "respect well-well" for African people.

President Trump for inside one new letter wey im write, e say di US get plenty respect for di parley wey don dey between im country and Africans, and say im commitment to dia relationship togeda dey very "strong."

Di US president address di letter to African leaders wey gather for di African Union summit dis weekend for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and di date on am na Thursday 26 January.

Di letter say US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson go come do "long visit" to Africa for March dis year.

US diplomat dem don try find way to cool tension after Africans shock on top di report say Trump compare dia continent to toilet wey dirty.

Trump don talk say im no use di bad language, but other people wey dey dia when im talk, say na so im talk.

Inside di letter, Trump promise say US soldiers togeda with Africans go fight extremism for di continent and di US dey work to increase "free, fair trade" wey African countries go benefit from.

E also promise to parley for "legal immigration."

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