Why Chimamanda Adichie been yab French Journalist wey wan know if Nigeria get bookshop

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Image example When Chimamanda reply say French people suppose shame, people for di audience begin clap

Di award-winning writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie don explain for social media wetin make am shock for one interview she do for France, where she answer question as to whether Nigeria get bookshop.

'Di Americanah' author reply wey bi "to me, French people suppose dey shame onto say you need to ask me that question… I mean na 2018 we dey", na one wey done cause plenty talk-talk on top social media about racism and colonialism. But many also praise Adichie for that kain reply and di way she control herself.

Di mata happen when Caroline Broué, one French journalist wey conduct di interview for annual 'Night of Ideas' for France, bin first ask Adichie if people for Nigeria dey read her work, and she reply, "Dem dey read am, shockingly." After that one, she come ask am if "bookshops dey for Nigeria?"

Adichie first wait small before she answer, after she reply everybodi for di audience begin clap for am.

One top her Facebook, Adichie say if to say dem ask am if "e dey hard to get books?" or if "books dey cheap?", di mata for dey different and im for discuss well-well with di journalist.

"I no expect French person to sabi almost everything about Nigeria. I no sabi almost everything about France. But make person ask me to 'tell French people whether bookshops dey Nigeria because dem no know', na to support backward thinking say Africa too dey 'different', say person wey no bi African no fit think am for mind how life fit be for there", write di author of di novel Half of a Yellow Sun.

She say she no get patience for person wey dey ignorant about Africa, especially for 2018, in our age of "interconnectedness and internet".

Although Adichie also take di opportunity to defend Broué: di journalist Caroline Broué dey "intelligent, thoughtful prepare well-well", and say later she come realize say di journalist ask di question like that to try teach di public wetin dem suppose sabi about Nigeria.

French news channel, Loopsider post di video of di interview for internet.

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