You fit read book wey dem write for Pidgin?

Person wey dey read book

You don read Sozaboy by Ken Saro Wiwa or The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola. Dis na two books wey dem write for Pidgin English.

Amos Tutuola write "The Palm-Wine Drinkard for 1952. Di story na about how one man follow palm-wine tapper go visit people wey don die and di things wey happen as im meet many spirit for di road. Tutuola talk say im write di story so dat people for other countries fit read Yoruba stories and to make other people understand Yoruba people well.

Ken Saro Wiwa write "Sozaboy: A novel in rotten English" for 1985. Di story na about one man, Mene from Dukana village and how di Biafra war affect im and im family. Ken Saro Wiwa for di book say im write 'Sozaboy' for language im call "rotten English" wey be mixture of Nigerian Pidgin and broken English to show di kain society wey sozaboy dey live.

Other authors sef wey use Pidgin for dia book na Cyprian Ekwensi for one of im book "Jagua Nana" wia di main person for di book Jagua Nana speak Pidgin. Some other writers dem dey get people wey dey speak Pidgin for dia book too.

Many new authors nowadays don dey write stories with Pidgin like "Uncle no be Un-cle", "Common sence no common" by Chika Nwakanma, "Armagedon" by Jonas Dogara and "Rat Palava" wey Sam Bright write.

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Pidgin sweet to talk but to read am for book na another mata

Dr. Obari Gomba wey be lecturer for Department of English Studies, University of PH say people suppose respect di fact say Pidgin na language wey don come to stay and e get many types, as di place wey dem dey speak am dey influence di flavour of Pidgin. Im say na dat one na im make am special as people dey add dia own language and slang to spice am make e sweet well-well so wen person read am, e go sweet im belle.

Dr. Gomba wey dey write books sef say now na different type of English na im dey for di world as everybody dey twist am into dia own so no Pidgin dey correct, no one dey wrong.

Im come say make university people begin serious study and write plenty book for Pidgin, dey teach am for university and no look down on am as if no be language wey beta people suppose dey speak as Pidgin na one language wey dey bring people together weda dem big or small.

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Tony Abagha na retired teacher wey dey write poems and books for Pidgin. Im say im like to write for Pidgin sake of say e dey very creative and everybody fit understand am and e go easy to ginger dem to do beta for society. E say plenty people dey wey get interest but di general poor attitude wey many people get towards reading books na im dey affect am but people dey wey get interest for Pidgin books.

E say person wey wan write for Pidgin must try to promote di book so dat people go see am buy.

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