Fulani herdsmen: Nigeria go open cattle colonies next week

Cattle rearer wey dey feed im cows. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some people feel say government wan use dis cattle colonies take carry dia land give di Fulanis.

Nigeria government say dem go begin do cattle colonies from next week for states wey don show interest say dem want am.

Na Audu Ogbeh wey be di Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development talk dis one on Friday for Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Ogbeh talk say di National Economic Council don even do 10-member committee wey get Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, inside plus nine governors wey go dey in charge of di cattle colonies for di states.

Open grazing don cause serious fight-fight and kill-kill between herdsmen and farmers for Nigeria and Ogbeh believe say dis cattle colonies go solve di wahala.

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Ogbeh say di time wen dem mention colonies as wetin go solve di herdsmen wahala, people begin hala say dem wan carry dia land give di Fulanis.

But Ogbeh say di plan na to provide field where di cattle go fit chop food under environment where dem go fit monitor di cows without fight.

Di Director of di National Animal Production Research Institute Prof. Clarence Lakpini talk say Nigeria get 19.7 million cows and dem dey important to di country GDP.

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