DR Congo don block Internet because of protest

Riot police patrol for streets for Buea Image copyright AFP
Image example Riot police patrol for streets for Buea, Cameroon; na dis same situation wan dey happen for DR Congo

Authorities for Democratic republic of Congo don block di internet for Kinshasa and dem put roadblocks up and dan for city before di protest wey people wan do today.

Catholic church leaders bin call for mass peaceful protest make president Joseph Kabila wey dey power since 17 years, vamoose comot from office.

Dis no be di first time wey people dey call for protest to pursue president Kabila comot from office, for December 31 2017, people for di country do protest wey later lead to violence.

For around midnight (2300 GMT Saturday), dem cut di internet, email and social media messaging networks for di capital.

Di government bin don ban all demonstrations since September 2016, wen anti-Kabila protests turn into wahala.

Security forces don put roadblocks for major routes wey people dey use enter Kinshasa, armed officers dey do stop and Search of people I.D

Di church don also call for rallies inside other cities, including Lubumbashi and Goma,

Di head of di Muslim community sef for DR Congo follow support di church, dem say make di authorities allow di march to happen, even though dem never give official permission.