Cameroon secessionist: Lawyers di try get court hearing for Abuja

Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Image copyright Sisiku Ayuk/Facebook

Southern Cameroon leaders nova yet tok with dia lawyers.

After deh untie mystery for who 'abduct' Southern Cameroon leaders, anoda mystery na to unravel how dey go tok for dia lawyers.

Chris Anu, Southern Cameroon Communication Secretary confirm for BBC Pidgin say lawyers di try for secure court hearing for Southern Cameroon leaders.

Dis court hearing go fit be na de only way for see de Southern Cameroon leaders since weh Nigeria security agents arrest dem.

Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, secessionist leader with 11 odas bi dey inside meeting for Nera Hotel for Abuja, Nigeria capital when some gun men abduct dem on January 5.

African lawyers fit take action if Nigeria no release separatists

"We don locate our President, odas for Abujaā€¯ - Southern Cameroon spokesman

Who arrest southern Cameroon leader inside Nigeria?

"Nigerian Foreign Ministry and Police Inspector later confirm say de leaders dey Abuja and promise say deh no go send dem back for Cameroon," Anu bi tell BBC Pidgin.

But since den, no man tok with de leader dem.

De Communication Secretary confirm say since weh deh locate de leaders for Abuja, lawyers di try since but dey nova succeed for see dem.

Lawyers for dia warnings say deh go take court action and protest for front of Nigerian embassies abroad, nova make de pipo weh hold de southern Cameroon leader for change dia mind for free dem.

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