42 billionaires get money pass 3.6 billion people for world

Aliko Dangote Image copyright PIUS EKPEI UTOMI/AFP/GETTY
Image example Aliko Dangote

Di bank interest alone wey Nigeria's richest person, Aliko Dangote, dey make for one year on top di money wey dey im plenty bank accounts fit help comot more than two million people wey poor.

Dis na wetin sabi people Oxfam talk on top di big gap wey dey between very rich people and poor people for world wey dem say don increase for 2018.

According to di international NGO, only 42 billionaires dem get money pass 3.6 billion people for di world.

Na di richest 1% of people for world dey control 82% of money wey circulate for 2017.

Image example Na just over 2,000 super rich people people wey dey control di money of di world

Oxfam talk say dis investigate dem do na prove say we get wahala for world on top money matter.

Dem still come out talk say dis super rich people dey make money anyhow because dem no dey pay tax, dem dey use government to make law wey go profit dem and dem no too dey pay workers.

But some money experts don talk say dem no sure if wetin Oxfam dey talk dey true.

Di top 6 richest people for world

1. Jeff Bezos $110.7 B (United States)

2. Warren Buffett $92.6 B (United States)

3. Bill Gates $92.6 B (United States)

4. Amancio Ortega $76.4 B (Spain)

5. Mark Zuckerberg $74.7 B (United States)

6. Carlos Slim Helu $69.8 B (Mexico)

Image example Davos, Switzerland

'E no good'

Oxfam chief executive Mark Goldring talk say dis informate no be good thing for people all over di world.

Dis report dey come out just as dem wan start di World Economic Forum for Davos wey dey Switzerland.

Top politicians and businessmen dey show for dis meeting wey dem dey do every year to talk about how dem fit use money help di people wey need am pass.

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