Obasanjo fire Buhari: Retire now, no think of 2019

Buhari and Obasanjo
Image example President Buhari been get support from di former president for 2015 election.

Former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo don tell President Muhammadu Buhari say make im no try contest again for presidency for 2019.

Obasanjo wey talk dis one for Abeokuta, Ogun State Southwest Nigeria, on Tuesday, say President Buhari no perform well at all.

Im say di president don perform below expectation, come add say make im honourably "dismount from di horse" to join di league of di country former leaders wey dia "experience, influence, wisdom and outreach fit do good on di side line for di country."

Obasanjo no hide mouth inside one long 13-page statement wey im title, "The Way Out: A Clarion Call for Coalition for Nigeria Movement."

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Image example Buhari never respond to Obasanjo letter

Di former president wey do two-terms under People's Democratic Party (PDP), say im dey disappointed by President Buhari, wey im support during di 2015 election against former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Dis na how Obasanjo take write open letter wey im title, 'Before it is Too Late' for December 2013, where im talk about di many areas wey im think say President Jonathan don fail.

Im thank President Buhari for di effort im government dey make for di fight against Boko Haram and corruption, but say Buhari don fail for other areas where im been think say im go do well.

Three areas Buhari fall my hand - Obasanjo

  1. Number one na how im dey take favour some people and im inability to bring discipline on people wey close to am wey dey do anyhow. Dis don really affect di performance of im government and na Nigeria dey suffer am. E be like say im don sacrifice national interest to please dis people. Wetin you go talk of case like Maina own: dem join hand, no fit do anything, and im turn face comot because of im tribesman and friendship for those wey suppose chop disciplinary action?
  2. Di second na im poor understanding of how inside politics dey take happen. Dis one don directly or indirectly make di country more divided and inequality don wide pass as e dey before. E don also effect general national security.
  3. Di third na how im dey take carry blame give another person. For instance, as im take blame di Governor of di Central Bank when im devalue naira by 70% or so and as im take blame past governments for am, dat one mean say im no dey accept im own responsibility. Make nobody deceive us, economy dey feed on politics and because our politics dey depressing, our economy dey even more depressing today.

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