Couple don end dia marriage because wife dey wear trouser

Divorce paper. Image copyright iStock
Image example Di court say e be like di marriage don tire di couple.

One 42 year old housewife for Lagos Nigeria, Fatimot Abiola don lose her 22 year old marriage to her husband Rasheed unto say she dey wear trouser.

Rasheed tell di court say di wife dey always wear trouser after im and im mama don warn her plenty times make she no try wear am but she no gree hear word.

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Akin Akinniyi wey give di judgement for di Igando customary court, say e be like di marriage don tire di husband and wife because everything wey dem try to settle dem no work.

But Fatimoh talk say her husband no gree her wear trouser because of accusation say she wan become sex worker.

Di husband and wife get three pickins together.

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