Obasanjo letter to Buhari: Three other famous Obasanjo letters

No be today former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo begin write letter to give people mouth.

Obasanjo wey don rule Nigeria both as military Head of State and civilian president, na person wey like to write well-well. Im don write many books and just recently im get PhD from di National Open University of Nigeria NOUN.

Di one wey dey people mouth now na dis letter wey im write give Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari say make im go rest.

So make we see four of im famous letters.

Letter to Buhari: Why we no go follow Obasanjo drag - Presidency

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Image example Margaret Thatcher bin also receive her own letter from Obasanjo
  • August 1986: Dear Margaret,

"After our meeting on Sunday, I write to you as one person wey like democracy to anotherā€¦"

Obasanjo write dis letter to den UK Prime Minister; Margaret Thatcher after she send Sir Geoffrey to go visit heads of state for South Africa on two occasions for 1986 to discuss di apartheid regime.

General Obasanjo dat time, blast her for letter, wey im say Britain failure to criticise apartheid 'make her position look like racist'.

Obasanjo letter to Buhari: How Nigerians dey react

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Image example Na former PDP Chairman Audu Ogbeh bin first write to Obasanjo before im fire am back
  • December 2004: Letter to Audu Ogbeh

'I dey laugh and I no dey surprised by your letter of December 6, 2004 because after you don play hide and seek finish, you don finally, as you write to me, show your true colour.'

Obasanjo write dis letter to im den party Chairman Audu Ogbeh, after Ogbeh bin first write to am about wetin happen for Anambra State, southeast Nigeria. Political 'godfathers' dem bin 'kidnap' di den governor Chris Ngige and for letter wey im write to Obasanjo, im point finger give federal government say dia hand dey inside.

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Image example Former President Goodluck Jonathan bin reply Obasanjo letter for 2013
  • December 2013: BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

"Body dey pinch me to write dis open letter give you because of some kain thingsā€¦"

Obasanjo write dis letter to di former President Goodluck Jonathan, where im warn am say Nigeria fit go back to military rule because of Jonathan failure to tackle many many problems.

Im tell Jonathan for di letter say make im no seek re-election for 2015.

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Image example Obasanjo latest letter na to President Buhari where im say make im go rest

'But e get one Yoruba saying 'when lice full your cloth, your fingernails no go ever dry of blood'.

Im latest letter na to Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari where im advise say make Buhari go house go rest, and no think to contest for 2019 election.

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