Boko Haram: BBC research show say na for January dem dey kill pass

Boko Haram first attack for 2009 Image copyright Boko Haram
Image example Boko Haram first attack for 2009

Different times Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari, bin talk say dem don defeat Boko Haram jihadist group, but BBC do analysis of di attack wey show say nothing change.

BBC Monitoring do research wey show say di group kill pass 900 people for 2017 and na small di number take pass death for 2016.

We don use graph to show di different type of attack, di stages, di area wey dem attack and which month bad pass.

Image copyright AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Image example Maiduguri for Nigeria na di ogbonge target for Boko Haram

How we take get di figure

To help understand Boko Haram, BBC Monitoring bin follow all di local and international tori of di attack for 2016 and 2017.

We sidon put all di information of every attack wey happen one by one.

Still, according to tori person wey specialise for Nigeria, Andrew Walker, as local tori people no dey too report di mata as e dey happen, e dey hard to say how bad di attacks be.

Attack increase for di same location

Boko Haram attack 150 times for 2017 and 126 times for 2016.

Inside dis two years, im highest attacks na for January.

Boko Haram attack wey dem report per Month

Image example Boko Haram attack wey dem report per Month

Inside 2016 and 2017 di main place of attack na di home of Boko Haram - Borno State north-east Nigeria.

But for 2017 dem show dia power as attack reach Cameroon, Niger and Chad. All dis place dem get border with north-eastern Nigeria.

Method of attack

For 2017, na 90 times Boko Haram use gun attack and di remaining 59 na suicide attack. Na Nigeria suffer am pass.

Di strategy for Cameroon different, dem use suicide bomb pass gun. Na di same method dem use for dis countries for 2016.

Death increase for di same location

910 people die for 2016. Di number increase for 2017 to 967 people.

Di place wey dem die pass na for Maiduguri. Other places na Magumeri, Konduga, Damaturu and Mubi.

Since two years ago till today, di group never still change dia target. Di one wey common pass na villages and military post dem.

Na mosque and IDPs dem target pass.

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Image example Nigeria military dey struggle to defeat the Boko Haram

Why Boko Haram still strong?

Sabi people say, Nigeria military no get proper equipment to handle Boko Haram.

E fit change if US gree sell weapons to Nigeria for 2018. Till then sha, BBC Africa Security Correspondent Tomi Oladipo say, dem go continue to be threat.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori