"AU spy mago-mago talk no make sense" - China ambassador

African Union headquarters for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di Chinese government donate dis building to African Union to take use as dia headquarters

China ambassador to di African Union on Monday say report by French newspaper Le Monde wey claim say Beijing don dey spy on di organisation "no make sense".

Di report wey comot last week claim say technicians for AU headquarters for di Ethiopia capital discover last year say one small software on top dia computers don dey send information go servers for Shanghai since 2012, as dem quote some AU people wey no wan put dia name down.

But China say dat kain talk no make sense.

"I think di report na tori to ginger people, but e also no make sense" talk di Chinese official Kuang Weilin for di AU summit for Addis Ababa.

Na di Chinese government build di conference hall wey dem for dey do di meeting, to take mark di friendship wey dem get with Africa and dem inaugurate am di same year wey di report claim say di spy-spy begin.

Awoof Chinese Building

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Image example French newspaper Le Monde claim say China hide microphone for dis meeting room for African Union headquarters to take do spy-spy

In 2012, di Chinese government announce say dem go give African States one big gift free of charge. That gift na to build di headquarters of di African Union for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Di new glass building wey dem give di name "China's Gift to Friends of Africa", cost $200 million and di facility and equipment wey dey dia also come from China and Hong Kong. Di Le Monde report say inside di elevators for AU headquarters, di language wey people dey hear no be French or English, but na Mandarin, wey be Chinese language.

For di opening statement wey AU leaders bin give on Sunday, dem no mention di mata, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn say im no too consider di Le Monde report as important.

"Nothing dey dia [AU Headquarters] for dem to spy. I no believe am," im bin tell journalists.

Even though for di report, Le Monde say AU change dia computers and do dia IT network again after dem discover wetin dey happen.

China don invest for Africa well-well, and for 2016 trade wey dem do inside di continent reach $149.2 billion.

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