Why President George Weah wan remove 'racist' law from Liberia

Former football player and winner of di presidential election. George Weah pose during photo session for Paris. Image copyright AFP
Image example George Weah, 51, enter election on top promise to improve Liberia economy

Liberian President George Weah follow lawmakers talk during im State of di Nation address for di joint chambers of di National Legislators for Monrovia, Liberia, 29 January 2018

Di new president wan remove one "racist" law wey talk say na only black person fit be citizen.

Di former footballer say di law - wey don dey since 1847 when free US slaves bin form Liberia - "no dey necessary, e dey racist, and e dey wrong for how Liberia see imsef for joinbodi of countries".

Im say di original reason for am na to create "safe place for men of colour wey don get dia freedom" after dem escape from di United States but dem no need am for today society.

Meanwhile, tori people Front Page Africa report say Weah also say, "e dey against wetin di name Liberia mean, wey be from di Latin word 'liber', meaning 'liberty'."

For im first annual State of di Nation address, Mr Weah mention anoda law wey ban foreigners to get dia own property, also dey harmful to Liberia economy, while im dey hope to comot ban wey dey one people wey get dual-nationality.

Mr Weah also promise to cut im salary by 25% immediately.

Di new president bin enter election on top promise to improve Liberia economy, but e say im no fit do am without di support of the people.

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