How to show mosquitoes pepper, make dem run

Mosquitoes fit learn from near-death experiences and avoid person. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Mosquitoes fit learn from near-death experiences and na so dem begin avoid person.

Researchers from di United States don find out say e dey possible to fit train mosquito to stay clear from you.

According to di sabi people, if you wave your arms around or you slap di mosquito, even if you miss, di pest no go come near you next time. because e don learn lesson say im fit die wen e near dat person again.

Mosquitoes fit learn how to link near-death experiences from di body scent of di person wey try to slap or really slap am as e wan bite, and dem go avoid dat person in future.

Di researchers believe say dis findings fit help for mosquito control and di transfer of diseases wey mosquito dem dey carry.

Di research, wey dem publish Jan. 25 inside Current Biology journal dey mark di first time anyone don show say mosquitoes fit learn and remember.

Dem also find out how mosquitoes dey learn to bite some human being dem pass others.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example All over di world different countries don dey try to drive away mosquito.

Di researchers find out say Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, wey dem dey call yellow fever mosquitoes, dey identify humans by odors, and fit join those smells with bad-bad experience wey bin happen — like slap — for at least 24 hours.

Chloé Lahondere wey be research assistant professor of biochemistry inside Virginia Tech University na im tell USA TODAY say: "to defend yourself against mosquitoes dey help, whether or not you manage to hit di mosquito."

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