Ghana: Natural hair na bad business

St Claire Adotey dey do a woman's hair for her salon Image copyright St Claire Adotey
Image example St Claire Adotey dey do special hairstyles dem like perms - but women no like those kain styles again

For Ghana, natural hair na fashion matter and also political statement.

Dis hairstyle dey say: "I be confident woman" to other people for world, with di chemical-free twists, cornrows, locks or braids awey dey show say everybodi get dia own mind - all dis one na without to dey pack chemicals for had.

But e get im own wahala.

Around Ghana, hairdressers wey dey do perm, Jheri curl or do weave-on dey struggle on top how to take fill dia salons.

"I fit say about 50% of my customers don waka because dem wan dem wan style and dey maintain dem natural hair," na im St Claire Adotey tell BBC tori person, Rebecca Tsotsoo Kwei.

"E don really affect my business."

Ms Adotey don dey do hairdresser work since pass 20 years; dis na apart from di ten years wey she bin dey do di work for Ivory Coast.

Before, she dey get pass 12 customers everyday but now she dey even get luck if three customers enter shop. Dis one dey make her products dem to dey waste.

"No be just me. I feel say other hairdressers dey face di same thing with me," she talk with tire.

"Customers no like to dey use chemicals perm or curl dem hair again."

Image copyright Naa Akuyea Shika Pappoe
Image example Naa Akuyea Shika Pappoe don embrace natural hair

Another salon owner, wey wan hide her name, talk say market don reduce for her too, so she begin dey do natural hair too make everything for no lost.

People wey dey produce chemicals wey people dey use straight dia hair don already dey face case of no market for dia products, and many companies don change gear too, begin dey do products wey go maintain natural hair.

But where one business dey spoil, another one go grow.

Lupita Nyong'o dey vex say magazine cut her hair

"I bin fit no bear heat"

"For seven years now, na almost everyday we dey get new customer, we fit see two or e fit pass everyday, " na wetin Ernestina Emefa Agbley tell BBC.

Her salon no too far from Ms Adotey salon but dem different like fufu and rice.

As many Ghanaians dey enter di natural hair movement, say di fact be say na dat one dey healthy pass; and e dey cheaper for some and dem fit manage am for house, na dis one make her say she don see plenty new customers for her Akuwaa Hair Spa.

"Plenty people dey enter di salon now, so I fit nack chest say we get more customers now. Plenty more people don dey like di idea of doing natural hair and locks," na wetin she talk.

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Image copyright AFP
Image example Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett, bin get plenty praise on top say she do natural hair for 2017

But as natural hair don dey popular, another wahala don comot; e don become expensive.

"Because e dey popular, e come dey dey expensive to dey maintain natural hair," na im Adotey talk.

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