'Amnesty International wan embarrass us' - Nigerian Air Force

2 Air Force fighter jet Image copyright ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) don deny Amnesty International report say dem commit human right abuse for Numan, Adamawa State north east Nigeria.

Amnesty International release report on Tuesday wey say, 35 people die after Nigerian Air Force launch air attack for some villages.

Dem add say, as di whole attack take happen, dem no dey sure how many people die from direct attack and how many herdsmen dem kill.

NAF talk-talk person, Air Vice Marshal Olatokunbo Adesanya say di Amnesty International report dey "unfair, one-sided" and dem wan use am "embarrass" NAF.

Adesanya explain say, on 4 December 2017 di GOC 3 Division bin call NAF to helep support troops wey dey try maintain peace for herdsmen/farmer crises for Numan, Adamawa State.

Im say dem see plenty people wey wear black carry guns dey burn-burn houses for villages.

Image copyright CHRIS YOUNG/AFP/Getty

Dia plane fly low many times to try pursue di people, but instead dem begin fire dem gun.

So therefore, im say, dem sef begin to shoot front of di crowd and everybody scatter.

Nigerian Army no know who di attackers be, whether na herdsmen or farmers. Dem just call dem "hoodlums."

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