Ebola virus don reach Cameroon?

Health worker wey hold injection.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

During di last Ebola epidemic around 2014, Cameroon close dia border

Cameroon Public Health Minister, Andre Mama Fouda di give assurance for population say Ebola virus disease no dey Yaounde.

Fear hold pipo as tok bi di circulate say Ebola virus dey Yaounde after strange sickness kill three pipo for one family.

But di minister Andre Mama Fouda say nothing like Ebola: "expert do investigation and no bi true."

Mama Fouda do press release where she use tell tori people join say make dey no fear because health expert dem check de report.

But, e tok say if pipo see "Ebola sign dem laik high fever, strong headache, muscle pain, tiredness and if dia body weak, make dey go for nearest health unit."

Ebola virus kill plenty pipo for Sierra Leone and other west African kontri dem last year.

In 2014, di epidemic dey spread full West African countries, na so authorities for Cameroon close dia borders, begin do awareness campaign. Dat time, dem no report any Ebola cases for Cameroon.