Cameroon secessionist: Northwest, Southwest for craiy die mood after leader extradition

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Image example Foto from October 2017 when area bin deh hot for Buea after dem shoot one man for Kumba

De atmosphere for northwest and southwest dey laik say so man die after government confirm say southern Cameroon leader and 46 odas dey Yaoundé.

"When e wan be laik 8:00pm any man di run back for house. Even bensikin no di work as deh di fear".

Wirba Janette for Abakwa tell BBC New Pidgin say de thing bad sotei for seka say government forces don target de bensikin rider say na dem di helep southern Cameroon fighter dem.

Na for Monday wey government say dey don give southern Cameroon leader weh de arrest for Nigeria for hand for law.

Even today, some pikin dem dey for house and parent wan just see how di town dey before deh send dem for school tomorrow.

"When na teacher call say make parents kam take pikin, den de mata serious, ma pikin for nursery school dey for house", one woman talk.

Tori na say yesterday one false alert komot say Ambazonia forces go attack and na dis wan send school dem for panick.

Even today, tori from Bamenda say deh kill one para-military officer for Batibo, one village weh near and all man dey inside house.

Buea pipo laik Emmanuel Tabi say Anglophone dia own don finish because La Republic go just finish with dem.

But Abah Isidore weh na journalist say pipo di recover small-small from de news say Ambazonia leader dem dey Yaounde and de town di go back for e normal activity.

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