Raila Odinga: Wetin go happen now for Kenya?

Odinga supporters for mathare Image copyright EPA
Image example Opposition supporters bin clash with police for Nairobi when dem declare Kenyatta as winner during di first 2017 election

On Tuesday 30 January, for Kenya, Raila Odinga make true promise wey im don make, say im go do swearing-in for imsef as president after im reject result of di election wey declare Uhuru Kenyatta as official president.

Dis kain situation never happen before for di east African country, and many people wan know how dis 'inauguration' fit affect dem and di country as a whole.

Although government authorities no cause palava during di swearing-in event, dem release official statement later to condemn am and to confirm say dem go prosecute all di people wey dey involve, for court of law.

Di day after di event on Wednesday, authorities arrest opposition MP, TJ Kajwang wey tori say administer di oath of office to Raila Odinga.

But even before di event, di Interior Minister don draw ear give media organisation not to broadcast di event, as dem fit risk not to lose dia license. So di government close down three private stations wey try to broadcast.

For August 2017, after results of di first presidential election wey favour Kenyatta come out, supporters of Odinga do protest wey Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) confirm say 24 people die inside when police fire tear gas and live bullets.

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Government go need to handle dis new situation well-well, so as for am not to turn into something else - di kind palava wey fit turn di country upside down.

Odinga no hold any power - analysis

BBC News Africa Security Correspondent, Tomi Oladipo for Nairobi

Odinga no hold any power. Im no dey control any government institution and im never do anything to scatter di security forces.

Di 'swearing in' im do dey symbolic only, im just be I-no-gree person at dis point.

So, if di government want, dem fit just leave am and life go continue as be before. Wetin fit be problem na if Odinga call for protest and im supporters enter street and follow police clash. For now, im no go wan do anything, come make im poor supporters die anyhow death.

Di other main politicians from other parties wey dey im coalition no attend im 'inauguration' yesterday. We no know why dem no show, but e fit be because dem wan save demsef and dia political career.

If di government carry case of treason come against Odinga (crime wey dey punishable by death), im supporters go vex cause di kain palava wey never happen before.

Odinga swear imsef in as 'people's president'. For court of law im fit argue say e dey different from president of di republic and dat one no be treason.

On di other hand, di government fit leave Odinga but pursue im paddy dem so as to take dem do scape goat. Dis move fit help to prevent dis kind 'swearing-in' for future.

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