Martin Amidu: 'Killer Nkuto' in vetting be 13 February, free show for Ghanaian workers

Martin Amidu dey smile as dem announce say he go chop special prosecutor Image copyright President Akufo-Addo/Facebook
Image example Tori be say Martin Amidu dey smile di time dem announce say he go chop special prosecutor

'Killer Nkuto' nominee to office of di Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu go face parliament Appointments Committee February 13, free show be what!

Ghanaians already dey predict say work go slow dat Tuesday sake of di free show nu go be more as di live telecast of in vetting go affect office productivity.

Mr Amidu in nomination get more Ghanaians excited sake of in no nonsense attitude to corruption.

Menerz jubilate teee! As in name drop because for most people, 'Citizen Vigilante' as Ghanaians dey call am be di best man for di job.

Di only matter be say di day for in vetting which dey fall on weekday no good give some people as dem wish say in vetting go happen Saturday. Dat one, everybodi wey dey house go fit watch am - free show!

Martin Amidu in appointment, according to political scientists for Ghana, be one of di most objective political appointments for Ghana in Fourth Repubic.

Although Martin Amidu be known National Democratic Congress member, some of in party people kick against in nomination sake dem say he go witch hunt them.

Sake of dat, Minority members for Appointments Committee give strong indications say dem go grill Mr Amidu proper for di vetting under to be sure say he go fit do di job without bias.

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