Patrice Nganang: US dey drag Cameroon for rights violation

Patrice Nganang Image copyright Facebook/Patrice Nganang
Image example Patrice Nganang dey always talk about President Paul Biya government

US dia House of Representative di accuse Cameroon say she di violate human rights and international law.

Na de US lawmakers condemn how Cameroon government arrest Patrice Nganang, writer weh dem later release, send'am for US say make e no ever kam back for kontri

Congressman Lee Zeldin lead di debate, wey callam 'gross and reprehensive basic human rights and international law violation' and di House of Representative di vex with Cameroon.

Another thing weh e vex de congressmen na internet weh government lockam for Northwest and Southwest region dem for January 17,2017 and how government bi use force for stop freedom of expression for October 1.

Pipo dem bi komot for road for Southwest and Northwest for October 1 for protest say marginalisation don too much.

Some pipo dem bi even wan komot form dia kontri, Ambazonia. Dis ones deh add say government di control electronic media, di jail journalists, di arrest pipo any how lock'am for prison.

But US lawmakers say make Cameroon government respect de right de for all pipo, even political dissidents, as e dey for international Declaration of Human Rights and other law dem.

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