Cameroon 2018 Election: Opposition wan hold dia Congress

Cameroon, Election. Africa Image copyright SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty
Image example Archive picture weh, SDF Chairman, Fru Ndi di hold meeting for 2011 presidential election

Who go be Social Democratic Front (SDF) candidate for 2018 election? Dis na di question wey dey ground for Cameroon, as di main opposition party wan do dia congress.

Di SDF go hold big meeting dis month for elect person weh e go represent party for 2018 election, but member dem don di declare dia intention.

As e be so, na two parliamentarians, Joshua Osih and Joseph Mbah Ndamfor na yi don declare say deh wan be candidate.

Last month even SDF chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi tell BBC News Pidgin say na yi go tok if e don tire for represent party for 2018 election.

But, e be say na convention go decide who go be SDF candidate.

Officially dis Fru Ndi e position nova change, but speculation na say e go step aside. di warm up for honourable election battle weh e go happen when SDF hold congress later dis month.

How wey de two honourable dem don already declare dia intention, all eye dey now na for congress as three weeks no far.

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