Rihanna na illuminati - Senegal religious groups

Rihanna Image copyright ANGELA WEISS
Image example Rihanna suppose enter Senegal for one summit

Music star Rihanna suppose appear for one high-level summit for Senegal on Friday, but one religious association don tell her say make her leg no near di country.

Na French tori people Jeune Afrique dey carry di tori.

One join-bodi of around 30 religious groups for Senegal wey be "No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality", dey accuse di singer say she dey use masonic things and say she be member of di so-called Illuminati.

People carry talk about dis group wey no dey real, say dem be jazz people all over di world wey wan establish New World Order.

Rihanna people don deny dis kain yeye talk before.

Rihanna go visit di West African country for her role as ambassador for di Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

Di organisation aim na to help fund di teaching of millions of children and young people for developing countries.

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