Cameroon secessionists wan proof of life for dia leader

Since October 1, 2017 wey di group declare freedom from La Republic na im katakat increase for southern Cameroon Image copyright @GovAmba -Twitter
Image example Since 1 October 2017 wey secessionist group declare freedom from La Republic na im katakata increase for southern Cameroon

Secessionist dia group for Cameroon don say dem no go gree - government must tok weti yi do with dia leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, and dozens of odas wey dem arrest last month.

"We wan proof say our leader dem dey alive," na weti Southern Cameroon Communication Secretary, Chris Anu tell BBC News Pidgin.

Mr Anu say since weh government minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary announce say de southern Cameroon leader dem dey for inside de hand of de law for 26 January, e no read dia name and e no show dia pictures or video.

"If we take 39 refugee dem from Taraba state plus 12 member dem for southern Cameroon group e go add to 51 and government di account na only for 47 wusai de odas dey? Deh don die?" Chris Anu di ask.

For seka say no picture and no video don komot we di be for answer for know weda de dey alive or de don die, and na so secessionist tok-tok secretary say make government show proof say dey deh di live.

For e side, national radio read release yesterday say Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and odays dey fine and alive.

Dia release put strong warning say any man weh e di circulate fake information for social media go answer for court.

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