Namibia: Trade Union wan wear one trouser with security companies

Na mid-2017 na im dem sign di agreement Image copyright DAMIEN MEYER
Image example Na mid 2017 dem sign di agreement

'We go enter one trouser with security companies for Namibia'.

Na di Trade Union Congress of Namibia dey threaten court action against more than 150 security companies on top accuse say dem no dey pay dia workers di 10Namibia dollar per hour wey dem agree for minimum wage.

Na for 2017 na im di companies wey dey hire private security guards agree to pay security guards dis 10Namibia dollar minimum wage for every one hour work.

President for di Trade Union Congress, Paulus Hango say di only choice di union get na to meet di labour commissioner to demand order wey go force di companies to comply with di minimum wage agreement.

Hango on Thursday tell tori people for Windhoek say na only like 30 companies dey pay di minimum wage for security guards.

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