Nigeria: How school bus take burn kill two pickin for Abuja

school bus catch fire for trademore estate
Image example Dis na di school bus wey burn kill 2 pickin and injure 1

People for Trademore Lugbe for Abuja, Nigeria capital, say dem no fit sleep after school bus catch fire kill two school pickin dem.

Di pickin dem dey school for Je'nisi Little Drops International Academy for di area.

One pickin wey dey badly injured dey receive treatment for trauma centre for National Hospital.

Mr. Ekpeyon wey im three pickin escape say dem tell am say as dem dey come back from school, fuel finish for road na im di driver come buy put.

As dem go drop oda school pickin for Bamanga Tukur road, di car come stop, na im di driver come call di head teacher, wey come with mechanic.

Di children still dey inside di 13 sitter bus as di mechanic come open di engine to work. Na im di bus catch fire.

Di school pickin dem come dey shout and rush come down but as smoke come plenty, dem no know say di two children dey back of di car.

"I no get any brother, my three children na di only thing wey I get, if to say anything happen to dem, how my life go be", Mr. Ekpeyon talk.

Image example Everything burn to ashes

Izuka Ejoh wey see di thing koro-koro say e happen for Thursday evening wen di pickin dem close from school.

E say wen dem hear say di bus catch fire, dem run go help and wen dem ask di head teacher if oda pickin dey inside di car e say no.

Di only thing wen dem do na to just try quench di fire and as dem finish, dem shock say two pickin (boy and girl) wey be brother and sister die. E say im heart come dey bleed wen im see di way dem hold dem self take die.

Image example Di fire stop after neigbours use water quench am

BBC News Pidgin tori person Dooshima Abu wey visit di place say some of di pickin dem school items like book, shoes and food flask just scatter for ground.

Plenty people for di area still dey in shock and some parents say dia children no fit sleep for dia room for night because of wetin dem see.

Di driver of di bus don run and police for di area don close di school plus catch di owner.

Oda private schools for di area no open as a way to sympathise with wetin happen.

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