Cameroon separatists: UN dey blast Nigeria

Soldier wey hold gun where IDP's dey Image copyright REINNIER KAZE
Image example Na thousands of Cameroonians don run from violence for Anglophone region enter Nigeria

Nigeria don collect yabis from United Nations say dem use force deport Cameroonian separatist leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and im followers.

Di United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) talk for statement say wetin Nigeria do dey against international agreements.

Nigeria bin bounce Mr Tabe and forty-six others go Cameroon, on 26 January.

UNHCR say most of di people wey dem carry give Yaoundé bin don already apply for asylum for Nigeria, and "di return happen even as UNHCR bin dey try talk to di authorities."

Di agency add say dem hear "with worry di force wey dem use return" and di return dey "against di principle of 'non-refoulement."

Non-refoulement na principle wey say make countries no comot refugees or asylum seekers give di countries wey dem fit enter wahala with.

Mr Tabe na di leader of one separatist movement wey call independence for two regions for Cameroon wey dey speak regions last October. Dem bin arrest am for Abuja, Nigeria capital for January 5.

Cameroon minister Issa Bakary say dem be "terrorists" and dem go, "answer for dia crimes."

Di government comot report on Friday 1 February with di state broadcaster say Mr Tabe and di others wey dem deport from Nigeria dey good health for police cell inside Yaoundé, wey be di capital.

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