I no dey smoke or chase women again - Sadiq Daba

sadiq Daba say im don change im life style
Image example Sadiq Daba don join campaign to stop cancer

Ogbonge actor and journalist Sadiq Daba say im no dey drink, smoke or chase women again after God save am from prostrate cancer and leukaemia.

Sadiq tell BBC News Pidgin say after im hear say im get prostrate cancer for di first time for im life, im go Redeem Camp for one week pray to God make e heal am and promise God say im go serve am for di rest of him life.

"I bin don dey respond to treatment for di leukaemia, but after six months I come realise say I no fit piss. Fear catch me, I think say I don catch woman disease (STD) but as I reach hospital dem come tell me say na prostrate cancer. I first shock! Me and my wife come go Redeem Camp, I lie for ground flat with my belle dey pray to God."

Doctors bin tell Sadiq say im get Leukaemia and prostrate cancer for 2015 but im survive am after plenty Nigerians contribute money send am go abroad for treatment.

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Image example Dr Joe Odumakin help champion to raise funds from public to help am

Some of my friends abandon me

"Some of di people wey I dey call friends abandon me as I dey sick and I thank God because now I know who my true friends be.

"Na now I come realise say some of dem bin just dey follow me for wetin I fit do for dem and because I dey popular, dem dey use me open door for dem.

"And because I no dey drink, smoke and chase women with dem like before dem come dey see me like liability. I happy because e don help me to stop to spend money nyafu-nyafu like before."

Sadiq come explain say im view about life don change and for dis life, e good make people love and help each oda and be humble as pride no dey help anyone.

Image example Young people for Abuja join waka for street to create awareness on top cancer

Sadiq don join campaign enter streets for Abuja to create awareness about cancer and to raise money for oda poor Nigerians wey di suffer from disease.

'Di problem wey we get for Nigeria no be doctors, di problem be say better equipment no dey for dem to treat cancer patients. We country people must stand up against cancer', im add.

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