Guinea Vote: First local elections since 2005

President Alpha Conde Image copyright Getty Images
Image example President Alpha Conde bin enter power for Guinea since 2010

Dis go be di first municipal council election wey don happen since 2005.

Dem suppose hold am for 2010 but lack of money, politics matter plus Ebola bin make dem pause am.

Some voters don talk say dem no go come out to vote as fight-fight don already dey happen between opposition supporters and di ruling party since Thursday, 1 February.

Some of di big-big issues wey dey affect Guinea na poor education, unemployment, bad electricity and corruption allegations for di West African country.

As elections bin no dey, na Guinea president Alpha Conde bin dey select di people wey dey be council executives by imself.

Unto democracy things, na im dem do agreement for October 2016 between government and international organisations to set date for di election for February 2017.

But e no happen.

Opposition people waka enter street say male President Alpha Conde respect di agreement wey im bin set, but na so-so to dey change timetable dey happen.

Sixty percent of Guinea population dey around 25 years old.

Voters go choose councillors for 342 "communes" from 1,300 party lists wey dey represent almost 30,000 candidates.

Di council executives go get serious work to do as dem gats put eye for Guinea economy as money no dey and youth unemployment dey very high.

For social media people dey use hashtag #GuineeVote to follow as di matter dey go.

More than 5.8 million Guineans don register to vote

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