'Anglophone Crisis: 'Gunshot don turn music for Bamenda' - Resident

Hotel wey dem burn Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Na for June 2017 na im protesters destroy dis hotel for Bamenda, Cameroon during 'I no go gree waka.'

Na gunshot for Bamenda be de main tori for social media dis weekend, as fight-fight on top secessionist palava still dey go on for dis North West region of Cameroon.

"How wuna dey, na only gunshot for we here for Bamenda", na so Ingwari Judith answer as BBC News Pidgin try for find out weti di happen for Abakwa area.

Tori be say last week, shooting bi dey for Mbingo and deh kill two paramilitary officers; for de same day one oda officer and one civilian too die.

For places dem like Mbengui, Batibo and Belo shoot-shoott too be dey and na so some pipo di run and fear dey all side.

No be only for Bamenda gunshot deh for seka di Anglophone crisis. For South West, Kwakwa too don get e own share, Mbongue and many oda places.

Na so pipo say na dialogue go work pass gunshot and only prayer for peace dey for pipo di mop as de crisis change level for become war.

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