Made in Cameroon drone don land to helep for farm work

Drone builders
Image example Di drone go helep farmers and security pipo

Cameroon don design and make e own drone weh government show'am for public.

William Elong weh na CEO for Will & Brothers, first company for make drone for Central Africa na deh make am.

Im tell BBC News Pidgin say: "We idea na for give farmer dem mapping services, and for do data analysis for get beta and plenty crop dem".

Deh fit use de drone for farm for remove grass, and sensor for drive away insects. Elong weh e get MBA degree for competitive intelligence and e work for some company dem before e start e own, tok.

De Cameroon made drone no di focus na only for agriculture, e di also do work for security area. Deh get terrestrial drone, laik a small version for moto, weh deh fit usam for security for do survey, find gas, bomb, landmines.

Image example Minister for Post and Telecommunication, Mme Libom Li Likeng nee Mendomo Minette show for di event

Elong say any man fit make drone but de addition for dia own drone na artificial intelligence system for identify, track cars and pipo as deh fit put kain-kain information for inside.

"Our drone pass drone, deh bi smart robots", na so de 25-year-old Elong explain.

Image example William Elong wey build di drone

Elong di tell young pipo say make deh dream big and make deh work hard, make deh no limit demself for Cameroon. E say deh fit build drone weh deh fit useam for China, US in short, for de whole world.

Will & Brother weh na consulting and innovation company for Douala di work with some young pipo for make price for drone to drop to about 1,000,000 weh e no cost like de wan dem from abroad.

Minister for Post and Telecommunication, Mme Libom Li Likeng nee Mendomo Minette bi present dis Cameroon made drone dem for public for inspire young pipo dem.

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