Ghana: Two gay students wey chop 'distin,' Amnesty International bore Police over medical exam

Gay men Image copyright TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty

Amnesty International Ghana bore say Police want run medical examination on two male students chop demma 'distin' for Takoradi Technical University (TTU).

Amnesty International for Ghana indicate say dem bore di medical exams on di two students.

According to Frank Doyi wey dey work with Amnesty International for Ghana, di medical exams dey go against the two boys demma right to dignity for all persons which dey Article 15 of Ghana 1992 Constitution inside as part of Fundamental Human Rights for Ghanaians.

According to di constitution no person whether dem arrest am or not for go through torture, inhuman den degrading treatment, so what police want subject di two students for hospital no be correct.

Ghana Police arrest di students after some students blow alarm last week for demma private hostel when dem hear say some people dey make some noise den tins from one of di rooms.

Di suspects 18 and 23 years confirm sey dem be gay, police for Western Region confirm di incident but di medical examination go confirm if di act happen or not.

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