Guinea elections get wayo-wayo at national level - Former Prime Minister

Woman dey vote for council elections for 4 January, 2018 - Canakry, Guinea. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example After eights years of delay, Guinea people finally carry go do local elections

Guinea opposition leaders on Sunday reject dia country local elections on top say wayo-wayo boku for di polling stations all around di country.

Guinea wey get plenty minerals but still dey poor bin go polling station on Sunday for dia first elections since di end of di military dictatorship era after dem delay am eight years because of money wey no dey, political fight-fight and di 2013-16 Ebola crisis.

After im cast im vote, President Alpha Conde tell im supporters: "We no want fraud and if e happen, we go need to resist as we don always do."

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Image example People suppose chose from di nearly 30,000 candidates for councillors wey dey

But Sidya Toure wey bi oga for opposition Union of Republican Forces (UFR) and other opposition figures criticise di elections.

"Fraud dey for national level," talk di former prime minister Toure after polls close for 1800 GMT.

No be only Toure no happy with wetin happen.

"We go show say President Alpha Conde, with help of im administration, don thief dis election, and dis one no go pay am," talk anoda former prime minister, Cellou Dalein Diallo, wey bi leader of di opposition Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG).

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Image example President Alpha Conde promise to deal with election fraud if e happen

People of Guinea suppose chose from di nearly 30,000 candidates for councillors, including 7,000 women, for inside di council elections.

School wey no good again, work wey no dey, light and plenty corruption, na di issues wey di West African country dey face.

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