Militants say dem dey behind attacks for West Africa

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One militant group wey get link to al-Qaeda talk say di recent attacks for West Africa Sahel region na dem hand work.

Di name of di group na JINIM, wey be joinbodi of jihadi militants.

Dem raise hand say na dem dey behind di death of two soldiers wey bin die for Mali, and di two policemen wey die for Burkina Faso for separate attacks.

Dem also claim say na dem do pass one dozen attacks wey don happen for di region dis year.

BBC African Security tori person, Tomi Oladipo talk say na from dem media arm wey dem dey call al-Zallaqa na im dem claim di attacks.

For video wey comot, dem show plenty weapons and military vehicles wey dem bin seize, after dem attack di Mali Army for Soumpi for di Timbuktu region.

Even as world people dey try help increase di work of di G5 Sahel Force, di joinbodi army wey was start, jihadist groups still dey cause wahala.

Di so called Islamic State for di Greater Sahara area sef don say na dem cause two major attacks wey happen for Mali and Niger.

As e be so, State authority for di area wey dis militant don build dem house no plenty.

For instance, for Mali, government no too reach di southern parts of di country ,even as thief-thief and fight-fight for community don increase to make di palava worse.

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