'Anglophone separatist no go use Nigeria scatter Cameroon'

Di border committee na to check security threath
Image example Government officials from Cameroon and Nigeria meet for Abuja for di 6th Trans-border Committee

As tension di rise on top Anglophone palava for Cameroon, Nigerian government don say im go "support di unity and territorial integrity of di Republic of Cameroon."

Di National Security Adviser to President Buhari, wey be Babagana Mohammed Monguno na im talk dis one for di 6th session of di Cameroon-Nigeria Trans-border Security Committee for Abuja.

E say Nigeria don put strategy to make sure say those Anglophone separatist wey dey look for independence no go use di country take scatter Cameroon.

"Nigeria wan assure Cameroon say we go join hand on top intelligence and security to fight any kain threat wey dey our two borders," na wetin im talk.

Some leaders for di Anglophone movement bin say Cameroon President, Paul Biya no dey do dia region well.

Na so dem begin find dia own independence; some of dem bin come Nigeria but di government don deport dem go back Cameroon.

But United Nations don criticise Nigeria ontop dis action well-well.

Image example Nigeria and Cameroon say dem dey find way to make dia border tight

Try to solve di fight-fight

Mr Monguno still encourage Cameroon president Paul Biya say make im talk with all di people wey di vex for di Anglophone region and stop di wahala.

E come say Cameroon government must also find way return all di refugee wey don run enter Nigeria.

When BBC reporter Dooshima Abu ask di security adviser why dem deport di Anglophone separatist leader, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and odas from Nigeria, e say na di foreign affairs ministry suppose answer that one and even di foreign minister of state, Khadija Ibrahim sef refuse to answer BBC questions.

But Cameroon minister for Territorial Administration and Decentralisation wey be Rene Emmanuel Sadi say di separatist leaders wey dem deport from NIgeria dey alive, and dem go soon go court.

E add say why di soldier people dey shoot for Bamenda na because di people there dey do bad thing and kill dia fellow brothers.

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