"200 million girls don suffer circumcision" – UNICEF

Poster to stop female circumcision Image copyright MARCO LONGARI/GETTY IMAGES
Image example Female genital mutilation dey cause medical complications for women and fit kill dem

Female genital mutilation, FGM, aka female circumcision na di practice wey dey comot di outside part of woman private part, her clitoris, for reason wey no get anything to do with medical matter.

United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, say e reach 200 million girls and women around di world today wey don suffer FGM, wey be bad thing against dia human rights.

Di UN don declare 6 February every year to mark the International day wey dem no go gree for female genital mutilation again.

Dem say FGM dey go against girls and women right to health and dia right to life because e fit cause death.

Dr. Laide Omotosho tell BBC Pidgin tori person Karina Igonikon say e no get any medical reason wey dey to cut di woman body, say na just to suffer her.

She say plenty problem fit comot because of di female circumcision so make people stop am.

Omotosho say chronic pain, infection, HIV transmission, depression, problem to get belle and born pickin na some of di wahala wey FGM fit cause woman.

Di UN Secretary General Youth Envoy, Jayathma Wickramanayake join mouth say make all countries address any hole for dia law to overcome dis practice. She say, ' e no dey acceptable for dis 21st century'

With di support of UNFPA and other UN agencies, many countries don pass law wey ban FGM and for 2015, Nigeria and The Gambia pass di law.

Florence Itamunoala na lawyer wey don do plenty waka for villages wia people still dey circumcise girls. She tell BBC Pidgin say even as government don ban am, im never see anybodi wey dem don carry go court on top di mata, even as plenty people still dey do am.

She say na because nobodi dey comot to report say dem do circumcision for am because di culture wey dem dey still dey hold dem well-well.

But she dey encourage women not to allow dis practice to continue.

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