Anglophone Crisis: Rights NGO say deh don arrest 1,000 pipo

People dey street with Cameroon flag. Image copyright REINNIER KAZE/Getty Images
Image example Di English Speaking Cameroonians dey protest discrimination.

Correct dialogue na for release all de anglophone crisis prisoners-Rights Defenders

Central African Human Rights Defenders Network, REDHAC, di regret say anglophone crisis reach dis level with more than 1000 pipo weh government arrest

REDHAC weh na international human rights NGO don reveal say na more than 1000 pipo plus de 125 weh de deh kondengui weh government arrest for seka anglophone crisis

"Network for we NGO dey for all side and na dem di bring register de number of pipo weh deh arrest" de Executive Director, Maximilienne C. Ngo Mbe Moutoudou tell BBC News Pidgin.

De rights NGO say, "government fit still change de situation and start correct dialogue and dis go only be na if deh release de pipo weh deh for ngata".

REDHAC send condolence message for all family for soldier and civilian weh lost dia life for dis crisis weh de bi fit preventam.

De Executive Director put mop for urge government for give access to Julius Sisiku Ayuke Tabe and 46 odas weh government force back for Cameroon make deh see dia family and lawyer dem.

Government bi violate law for bring back de pro-independence leader dem back for Cameroon, REDHAC join UNHCR for tok.

Government for report for national radio and for Cameroon tribune say dey no violate law, and say treaty weh de two kontri dem sign for 1963 di give de two country dem authority for take measures for punish criminals for eack kontri.

Dis NGO say deh don sue government for Constitutional Court and de African Commission on peoples and human rights.

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