South Africa's Jacob Zuma fit comot in days - ANC

Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president Image copyright AFP / Getty Images

South Africa's Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa say im dey siddon do face-to-face meeting with President Jacob Zuma on top how dem fit transfer power.

Mr Ramaphosa na di oga of di ruling African Nationa Congress, ANC, talk say President Zuma understand say e dey important to settle di mata sharp-sharp.

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Image example President Jacob Zuma (L) and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa dey do Cabinet Committee meeting on Wednesday

Im talk say di two men go conclude how oga Zuma future go be very soon.

Dis na di first time e be like say Mr Zuma go step down.

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Image example South Africa's President Jacob Zuma

Di 75-year-old president don dey face plenty accusation tay-tay on top corruption for di nine years wey im don dey runs things for di country.

Di Nelson Mandela Foundation foundation sef don tell am say make im resign.

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