Cameroon: UN Refugees Council say dem bin no expect di high number wey don enter Nigeria

Cameroon refugees for Bashu in Boki district of Cross Rivers State in southeast Nigeria. February 2, 2018 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Cameroon refugees like dis woman dey try settle for Cross River state, Nigeria, begin make chewing sticks to sell

Di UN refugee agency UNCHR, talk about di condition of more than forty thousand refugees wey don run comot from di Anglophone areas of southern Cameroon enter Nigeria.

Antonio Jose Canhandula, di UNHCR representative to Nigeria bin follow BBC Akwasi Sarpong talk say dem no expect say di number of Cameroonians wey enter Nigeria, go high like dat.

Image example Plenty men and women still dey come out, even though government don try to stop di protests

During di past year, many southern Cameroon people don migrate to avoid palava from di military wey dey clash with separatist wey dey fight to create republic wey dem call Ambazonia.

Many of di refugees wey enter stay for areas around southern Nigeria, for Cross River state.

And di situation no dey straightforward for UNHCR to handle.

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Image example Di fight-fight don cause many deaths on both sides, as di military dey carry coffin of four soldiers wey die for clash with separatist for Bamenda

"E dey take time and logistics to reach di places where di Cameroonian refugees dey, because na di border towns di refugees dey first run go, we go need to bring dem enter Nigeria well-well.

"We begin dey receive di refugees and asylum seekers around October of last year and e don take us time to study dem so dat we fit assist dem," talk Canhandula.

UNHCR say di reason why some of di Cameroon refugees no quick see assistance na because dem bin dey expect say na one direction di refugees go follow enter Nigeria, but dem find out later say na from different-different directions.

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Image example Even old people wey don pass hundred years like Emila Ayo dey sick for where dem keep refugees put for Bashu for Boki district of Cross Rivers State

Di southern Cameroon separatists dey accuse di French speaking majority for di country say na dem be di reason why opportunity for education, job and political participation no dey for those wey dey speak English.

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