Dana Air exit door: 'Fear catch us well-well'- Passenger

Di Airline say somebody temper with di door.

Wia dis foto come from, DANA AIR

One of di passengers wey dey di Dana Airline aeroplane wey di emergency door fall comot as di plane dey land don talk about im experience.

Dapo Sanwo follow BBC Pidgin service talk say 'No be nice experience to remember.'

E say as di aeroplane wey take off from Lagos dey about to land for Abuja, dem notice say di emergency door dey shake up and down.

Mr. Sanwo say both di passengers and di air hostess no fit do anything to save di door as e be say di fasten seat belt light dey on and everybody don put dia seat belt on.

"Immediately di plane just land for ground, di door just burst open with loud sound and follow by wave of sound, noise and breeze wey just enter di plane."

All of us just dey shock and worried on top di kind danger wey we just escape, people begin dey take pictures of wetin happen."

Wia dis foto come from, TWITTER/@DAPOSANWO

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di plane bin wan land for Abuja wey di door begin shake-shake.

Mr Sanwo wey no too dey happy about di way wey Dana Airline handle di mata, say di correct thing wey di airline suppose do, na to accept dia responsibility and apologize give all di passengers.

Dana later bring out statement wey blame passengers say na dem go tamper with di emergency door for di plane but Mr Sanwo talk say non of di passengers touch di door

"Everybody for dat flight dey matured and nobody play go around di door area at all, Nobody even siddon close to di door."

"One white man wey siddon like one seat away from di door no go fit touch di door because e no even dey close to am in di first place."

"If to say somebody touch di door, we for see am and somebody inside di flight for tell am not to do like dat or we for point out di person wey touch di door for police to arrest am."

For 2012, one Dana Air flight crash Lagos and all di 153 people wey dey di plane die.