Rwanda wan probe pastor wey say women na 'source of all evil'

plenty women and right groups vex for wetin di pastor talk.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

plenty women and right groups vex for wetin di pastor talk.

Di Rwandan Media Commission (RMC) don dey set to look into di preaching of one pastor against women inside one local radio station.

Di RMC talk say dem go do meeting early next week after women civil society group Pro - Femmes Twese Hamwe, complain come out say di pastor dey call women 'evil' people.

Seventh Day Adventist preacher Nicolas Niyibikora bin tell listeners during im radio sermon say "women dey out of God favour."

Di preacher also give warning say "E no get any good thing wey person fit find in women".

E ask listeners say: "If you don read di Bible, who bring sin come dis world? No be man oh."

Di preaching of dis pastor make plenty rights groups vex so tey Pro-Femme Twese Hamwe hold press conference and give warning say dis kain words "fit bring hatred and fight-fight among people for Rwandan, if dem no do anything quick-quick about am."

Di women rights group later come carry dia complain to di office of those wen dey control media- Rwanda Media Commission (RMC).

Executive secretary Emmanuel Mugisha tell tori people say dem fit ask di radio station where di pastor go talk like dat to come explain demself.

Seventh Day Adventists for Rwanda don try distance themselves from di pastor and dem say dey don expel am five years ago.