British film star Idris Elba go soon marry

Idris Elba, with im now fiancee, Sabrina Dhowre

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Idris Elba, with im now fiancee, Sabrina Dhowre bin don dey dat since early 2017

British actor, Idris Elba and im girlfriend, Sabrina Dhowre don engage after Elba knee down nack am di question "will you marry me?" for di preview for im new movie, Yardie.

Di movie na di first time Idris Elba go do director for im career and e use use propose give im 29 year old girlfriend.

Di news bin comot after Twitter user, David Marsden-Sainou, wey present for di preview, record di whole proposal, come post am for im page.

Di cinema hall wey e bin do di screening, Rio Cinema, follow confirm am.

Even as dem dey hail am, Twitter people para for Elba say why im no wait till Valentine Day.

Elba and Dhowre, wey be model and former Miss Vancouver, bin start to date since early 2017.

Di 45 year old actor don marry two times before to Hanne Norgaard and Sonya Hamlin.

People chook mouth well-well for social media on top di mata, plus including dis Nigerian-British comedian.

Even Somalians dey ginger say dia "sister" don snatch Idris Elba.

But e pain some people for belle say Idris Elba no dey market again.