Nigeria: See pako schools wey dey operate for Abuja

Upward school Ibafo Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI
Image example E dey common to see private nursery and a primary schools like dis one for Ibafo, Ogun State, all over Nigeria

Last two weeks, one 13 sitter bus wey belong to Je'nisi Little Drops International Academy, wey be private school for Nigeria capital Abuja, catch fire kill three school pickin dem.

Di issue don raise dust for Trademore, Lugbe where di school dey operate as people dey wonder how dat kain thing take happen, wey school bus go burn with children inside.

Dis school bin dey operate inside flat wey dem convert carry turn school and di people shock say e get accreditation to operate from di Department of Quality Assurance for Abuja.

When BBC News Pidgin visit di area, private schools wey no get better structure boku for there. But no be only Lugbe dis kain schools full, e even worse for satellite towns inside Abuja, where people dey turn dia house to school. Across Nigeria too, dis kain schools dey common to see.

Image example Dis na di kain class room wey pickins dey use learn for Kpaduma village, Abuja

Why pako schools plenty

Public Education sabi person, Simi Faj say dis kain private schools plenty for di country because di government over time don neglect di public education system.

She say national budget for education too small and na 6 to 8 percent of Nigeria budget dey enter public education and di big part of di money dem put am for university education.

"Private schools no get better facilities, people still prefer to put dia pickin dem for di schools because dem believe say e better pass di public ones, she explain."

Image example Di bus wey bin burn kill two pickins dem

Who give dem accreditation?

One official for di Department of Quality Assurance wey no want us to mention im name, say true-true plenty mushroom schools dey Abuja and di country.

Im say because di quality of public primary education don collapse na im make parents dey carry dia pickin go private schools.

E say na di office responsibility to supervise public schools and make sure say dem get di quality, but dem no get funds and motor to do dia job well.

E say before school go open, di operator suppose visit di department of quality assurance office and register with N40,000, but many of dem no dey gree do so.

"Most private schools just dey open to make money and because of dis, dem no di gree come register."

E add say although di facilities for most public schools don old, government must try put good money for education to stop dis kain unqualified schools to operate.

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