Cameroon: Governor don stop waka-about for Northwest region

Street for Cameroon.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

"Any man weh deh catch'am di waka-about go hear 'nwing."

Northwest governor Lele Lafrique don ban movement for inside de region for one week.

"Movement for pipo and dia property from 6:00am go reach 8:00pm don stop for one week", na decision dis weh Governor for Northwest Lele Lafrique sign'am yesterday.

"For dis taim movement for pipo and dia property go stop. Off license, snack bar, night club, moto-park dem too go close and night journey go stop before 8:00pm. Bensikin (moto-bike) work too go stop", Governor add.

Only government work pipo, uniform pipo and odas weh deh get authorisation plus including ambulance go fit dey outside after 8:00pm. So, if deh catch any other person e go hear 'nwing', governor di warn.

Dis decision for stop waka-about fit get connection with message weh e di circulate for social media say some bad guys from Delta State for Nigeria go fit join hand with secessionist army for attack some village dem for Northwest and Southwest.

Northwest deh now laik military zone, patrol deh all side especially around border with Nigeria. Even population fear for Friday and parents deh run go take pikin dem from school as army circle one quarter.

No bi de first taim weh governor di stop movement for Northwest. For December 2017, Christmas no bi sweet how weh government stop movement.