Paul Biya: Situation for Northwest and Southwest di stabilize Cameroon

Paul Biya

Wia dis foto come from, ISSOUF SANOGO

Cameroon President Paul Biya say de past years dem no bi easy for kontri.

President Biya tell young pipo for e National Youth Day message say for de past years di kontri be face kain-kain problem dem.

"Situation for Northwest and Southwest don di stabilize. De National Commission for de Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism go fit shine eye now for check root for de problem", President Biya tok for e message for young pipo, as country di celebrate 52nd National Youth Day on Saturday.

For manage de outburst of palapala with act dem for sporadic violence for Northwest and Southwest regions na one thing we make de year hard, im explain.

Crisis start for de two Anglophone region when some lawyers craiy say some book dem deh na only for French and teachers join say de Anglo-Saxon education system don fade inside French system.

But, Boko Haram and for manage refugee na some problem weh government struggle with. President Biya say government forces with support from population don di deal with Boko Haram and measures dem dey for ground for helep refugee dem for return home.

But president no tok anything about de Cameroon refugee for inside Nigeria. UN say deh get problem for find place for sleep for Cameroon refugee for Nigeria and even catholic church for Nigeria di worry about de situation.

President Biya tell youth dem say de 'new world' fit become tougher as rules dem for de old world got fit change. For dis reason e glad for de Africa Union programme weh e di focus for youth dia training and education, technology.

De 473,303 job dem weh government create for 2017 and plan for youths, weh 500,000 don register for National Youth Observatory anoda key thing for president e message.

President say make young pipo be 'patriotic internet users' for develop and change kontri but make deh no use dem for criticise de republic.