Harvey Weinstein: New York carry Weinstein company go court

Harvey Weinstein Image copyright PA
Image example Harvey Weinstein lawyer say, even though im behaviour no pure, e no commit criminal offence.

Lawyers for New York state don carry Weinstein company go court sake of say dem no protect dia staff from Harvey Weinstein.

Already, di film producer dey court on top di plenty sex accusation wey dey im head plus including rape.

Di accusation be say, im dey abuse women and also threaten to kill im workers, but im deny am say im no dey guilty.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman talk on Sunday say, no be only Weinstein company im carry go court, im also carry Harvey Weinstein and im brother Robert wey follow get di company go court too.

He say he want money for damages for di victim dem and punishment for Mr Weinstein.

How e go be for di company?

Dis court case na big wahala for di company wey don dey already battle plenty debt wey dem no fit pay.

Tori be say, dem bin wan sell di studio for $500m, but as dis court case happen, dem don suspend talk for di mata.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori