Lions don attack and chop 'thief' for South Africa park

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lions wey dey live for park don attack, kill and chop one thief

One case of bushmeat wey catch hunter don shock South Africa.

E be like dis person, wey police dey suspect say fit be thief enter di Kruger National Park for South Africa to kill-kill and steal animal part but im jam one chance, as lions catch am, kill am and chop im bodi.

According to police for South Africa, by di time dem find di man, na only small remain of im deadi-bodi.

Na for weekend, dem find di deadi-bodi of di man for one private game park near Hoedspruit for Limpopo, where thieves don raid plenty animals year after year.

''E be like say di victim enter di game park to steal animal part, but di lions attack and kill am'', according to Limpopo police spokesman Moatshe Ngoepe.

Ngoepe still talk say, ''By di time dem finish with am, na only im head and small parts remain''.

Dem find one hunting gun near di place dem find di deadi-bodi for Saturday morning.

Police don begin investigate di mata, dem wan find out who dis man be.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Theives dey kill rhino for dia horn

Last year, for di same Limpopo, bad people poison and kill plenty lions for one farm, and dem run comot with dia head and hand.

Lion body parts na one of di ingredient for traditional medicine.

But na rhino and elephant horn popular pass for di body part black market.

Customers wey dey Asian countries like China and Vietnam dey buy am, use am do traditional medicine.