Italy migrants attack: Migrant wey dem shoot no wan return to Ghana

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Image example Kofi Wilson bin dey go bab heair wen dem shoot am

"I never stay for Italy for long," na wetin 29-year-old Jennifer Otioto talk from her hospital room. "I leave Nigeria and I find myself here."

On di morning of 3 February, Otioto bin dey wait for bus stop for di town of Macerata.

One 28-year-old Italy man, Luca Traini, drive im Alfa Romeo car near her, come shoot her.

Otioto, wey be hairdresser, don dey well from her gunshot wound. She siddon next to her hospital bed, dey talk small small.

"I no understand dis kain trouble," she talk.

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Image example Luca Traini na im shoot people but nobodi die

Luca Traini shoot five more migrants dat day. All of dem survive.

E be like say im bin dey target anybodi wey look like say dem come from Africa.

Kofi Wilson, wey dey 20-years, from Ghana and im bin dey go bab im hair wen dem shoot am for chest.

"We hear di first gunshots," Wilson talk. "After di first gunshots I say, 'No be gun', because we dey Europe."

"No be my choice to be a black [person],"im talk. "Na bad idea to [try to] kill black person."

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Image example Dem never still repair one shop window wey bullet follow pass

Kofi Wilson don dey Italy for 17 months. Di shooting never make am change im mind about im future. Im no get plans to return to Ghana.

"I [go] like to stay for Italy maybe for di rest of my life."

But di truth be say many Italians go like to see am and others go.

Over di last four years, more than 600,000 migrants don land for Italy. No be all of dem don stay. But dia arrival don change di country.

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