'Martin Amidu chop 66 years, he no be qualified for approval as Special prosecutor' - Ayine

Martin Amidu dey smile as dem announce say he go chop special prosecutor Image copyright President Akufo-Addo/Facebook
Image example Tori be say Martin Amidu dey smile as dem announce say he go chop special prosecutor

Former Deputy Attorney General den Bolga East MP Dominic Ayine sue Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu for Supreme Court make den cancel in nomination.

Dis suit fit halt di Parliamentary vetting den approval of Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu, e fit be no show for menerz wey dey wait Amidu in vetting.

According to di suit wey dem file Monday, Dominic Ayine say make di court "declare sey sake of Martin Amidu chop 66 years, he no be qualified den eligible for approval as Special prosecutor under Section 13(3) of di office of di Special Prosecutor Act, 2018 (Act 959)."

Article 199 of Ghana in 1992 constitution dey talk retiring age for public officer be sixty years, but Martin Amidu chop 66 years so he be unqualified. Dem get confirmation of in age after he submit in curriculum vitae give appointments committee ahead of morrow in vetting.

Dr Ayine say he want make Speaker of Parliament hold on plus demma appointments committee wey go vet Martin Amidu morrow.

Second petition over Amidu in political neutrality

Meanwhile, another petition by Chris Akumey too dey accuse Martin Amidu say he apply for membership with New Patriotic Party sake of that he be unqualified to occupy di position of special prosecutor.

According to demma petition, Amidu be erratic person wey be violent sometimes so dem want make dem check di state of in mind to be sure if he fit occupy di special prosecutor office.

Martin Amidu in prosecution make unstable right now sake of if Parliament carry on plus in vetting, Dr Dominic Ayine say e go be unconstitutional.

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