‘Agye gong’ Amiduphobia enter some Ghanaian politicians demma system, dem say Amidu ‘mad’

Martin Amidu dey smile as dem announce say he go chop special prosecutor Image copyright President Akufo-Addo/Facebook
Image example Martin Amidu

In name be Martin Amidu but you fit call am 'Killer Nkuto', he be one man wey dey fight thousand for Ghana. With hours to in vetting Ghanaians for social media say Amiduphobia catch some politicians.

Right now be like di tin over people, Amiduphobia enter demma system as claims be say he get problem for in head inside, so make doctor examine am to be sure say he correct anaa.

But bois no dey barb dis move wey di opposition want employ take comot Amidu from di Special Prosecutor office, di tin dey funny saf.

Some saf shock say dem fit slip am plus last minute suit over in age.

Petition by Chris Akumey dey accuse Martin Amidu say he apply for membership with New Patriotic Party sake of that he be unqualified to occupy di position of special prosecutor.

Menerz no fit see di link, e check like now dem want take anything sabotage am.

E fit be possible say dis suit den petitions fit halt Martin Amidu in vetting morrow, but di decision go dey Speaker of Parliament in hand, morrow be morrow for Ghana.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori